HostietyThe Ultimate Destination for Web Hosting

HostietyThe Ultimate Destination for Web Hosting

If you are looking for a way to earn content on the Internet, the various web hosting services available today may be the solution you are looking for. In a virtual market surplus with various Internet hosting services, Hostiety is one of the most outstanding. Hostiety allows users to store information, videos and images in web pages whenever they want. Founded in 2005, Hostiety began as a freelance operation, which was eventually transformed into a fullfeatured web hosting company. Hostiety is always ready to offer you the best hosting services available in the virtual domain. Equipped with automated systems and effective pricefixing regulations, Hostiety today has an enviable position on the web hosting market. Like a data channel, Hostiety offers its clients server space and internet connection. The available web pages and file hosting services will meet your uploads, file transfer protocols and web interface requirements. In most cases, files are delivered to the web without any changes. Some files require less processing before further delivery. To help you present the very best personal web pages, Hostiety offers you some exclusive web hosting packages, where database support and application enhancement platforms are some of the most important aspects. These tools for managing multifaceted websites, writing and installing forums and content management scripts will be a much easier job. Hostiety has 2 Intel Xeon processors running, each with at least 1GB of memory and works on SCSI hard disks. These can handle your website with full expertise and efficiency. Be sure of Hostiety you will get the best network connections and if you are facing problems, you can always make or chat with our experts with live technical support. The services offered by Hostiety have their own price but you can be sure that the quality of service you receive will be worth every penny. If you need to get a few points clarified or need personal attention in specific sectors, Hostiety also welcomes personal discussions about their services.

The 500 MB web space and 5000 MB of data transfer per month indicate Hostietys quality infrastructure. If your site exceeds the monthly transfer limit, you will not pay any additional fees. This unlimited amount of transfer is truly one of the unique benefits Hostiety can offer. While Hostiety can harvest a number of value added services, if you prefer to go to some custom packages, you can always enter your requirements by email. Since payments are accepted by credit card or payment partner, you can implement your financial transactions using the method that suits you best.

For the owners of individual websites, Host Shared plans should fit the bill best, as these websites require them to be flexible and often accompanied by strong features. This kind of common web hosting is also known as virtual web hosting. Among the entire hosting services, virtual web hosting services are the most economical. So many users share this service, the system administration plays a key role in it. The shared hosting service provided by Hostiety, server management, server software installation, and regular security updates are some of the most important aspects of this service.

Because Linux is used to create the control panel, Linux operating system uses the primary base of the server. Unlimited POP3 accounts, FTP accounts, mySQL databases, and Fantastico Deluxe software packages are some of the basic features of web hosting accounts.

The hightech Dual Xeon server of Hostiety gives your sites instantaneous backup. With a single click of the mouse, you can install more than 52 scripts in the industryrenowned control panel. This graphical webbased management tool plays an important role in managing websites. The troublefree interface for Hostiety further helps in this regard. Some RPMbased Linux distributions like SUSE, FreeBSD, Fedora, cAos; Mandriva, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are used to run the software at Hostiety. For an SSL version, ports 2082 and 2083 are the common access points for cPanel.

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